Prevention of dating violence on college campuses

The two dated from fall 2011 into the following spring, when Ortiz told a friend that her boyfriend touched her and made her touch him when she didn’t want to. But it was also the only relationship Ortiz had ever known.It wasn’t until he broke up with her that summer that Ortiz confided in a mentor on campus.He ignored her and pressured her for months, she said, and often tried to take advantage of her when she was drunk or sleeping.

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Congress, too, wants students to be safe, and has passed laws to help colleges be safer.

Every year since 2005, colleges and universities across the United States have recognized September as National Campus Safety Awareness Month.

In Fall 2015, Prevent Connect will begin Prevent Connect Campus – a series of web conferences dedicated to addressing the prevention of sexual violence, domestic violence and dating violence on college campuses.

The audience will consist of prevention practitioners who are based on college campuses or partner with college campuses.

To bring awareness to this recognition, NCJRS has compiled publications and related materials that focus on campus crime and safety for practitioners, students, parents, and the public.

Select a page from the "Campus Safety" box to learn more.Schools and colleges across the country should be safe havens for teaching and learning, free from crime and violence.And for the most part, schools and post-secondary campuses are relatively safe.Olivia Ortiz met her first boyfriend when she was an 18-year-old sophomore at the University of Chicago.She said she set “pretty strong sexual boundaries” with him from the start: He was a 21-year-old senior, but he was also her first kiss, and she told him she didn’t want to go any further than that until she felt comfortable.She suggested Ortiz speak to the dean of students, who offered to set up an informal mediation between Ortiz and her ex.

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