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We all believe her dismissal was unjustified and would like to tell the other company what a joy she was to work with.

I think it depends on who handles the contract with that company.

We loved her; she was breath of fresh air, very approachable and easy to work with.

I subsequently signed up for health insurance through the Healthcare Marketplace, and am about to pay my first premium to officially enroll in the plan.

Recently, my former coworkers and I received an email from our former employer asking us to complete some forms to “terminate coverage.”Upon inspection, these look to be enrollment forms; they say nothing about termination or the like, and seem to assume the person completing them is an active employee of the company.

I work for a company that hires an outside company to run our mailroom.

When the guy who had worked in our mailroom retired, that company sent a replacement, Kathy.

If that’s not something they can realistically do, what’s the plan for making sure that this doesn’t continue to impact the rest of us? Nervous about starting new job and not knowing much about the team I’ll work with I recently accepted a new job that I’m excited about. I do like my current job, which I’ve been in for about a year and a half now.

It was my first real job after graduating from grad school, and I’ve learned a ton. I’ve become extremely close with about three women there, and I dare say they have become some of my best friends.

Yet the reality is that Dawn is the one who cannot get along with anyone; she is very rude to everyone in our building, very condescending, and thinks everyone is below her.

She tends to pick on people, and I am speaking from experience.

I really like my new boss and the company I’m joining, but I definitely feel some anxiety leaving my best friends for a team I’ve never met. Yep, it’s not not uncommon to only meet the manager and not the full team.

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