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While all this was happening, I couldn’t help but think back to previous relationships where I acted exactly like D.It made me cringe thinking back to how confused and desparate I felt and how I would badger the guy in hopes of getting what I wanted. Well for me, being an official couple meant that someday we’d have to have an official breakup and I just didn’t want to open the door for anything heavy or emotional to enter my life when I was still in a pretty fragile state.My relationships at that point would go something like this: we would meet, there would be a spark, we’d hang out a few times, after a few weeks I would freak out and feel trapped and suffocated, I would then lose all interest in the relationship and would do whatever I could to sabotage it.

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I knew he liked me a whole lot more than I liked him, but feeling terrified by the possibility that my heart had turned to stone and that I may never be able to love again, I stayed with it, hoping that the deep feelings he felt for me would eventually be reciprocated on my end.

We had been seeing each other for a little over a month when I sensed that my grace period was over.

I guess by not being his girlfriend, I was pre-emptively avoiding all the messiness a breakup involves.

Also, not being an official couple just made me feel safe, like there was still a distance between us that would prevent him from getting too close.

A popular question we get for our famous ‘Ask a Guy’ section is: “Why won’t he call me his girlfriend?

” I am not surprised at all, this situation is the worst!

I felt very uncomfortable and resentful, not to mention furious with myself for caving in which I couldn’t undo, and it just got very ugly from there.

The reason I felt compelled to share this experience is I think it may help to see things from the other side.

I knew that I controlled everything and it was really hard to be attracted to a guy that would let that happen.

I’m not saying I wanted him to play mind games, but a little restraint and confidence would have gone a long way.

Eventually, I softened and started to warm up to the possibility of being in a relationship. He was really cute, really sweet, had a good job, and seemed pretty much perfect for me.

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