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Doing so allows everyone to have a few moments for prayer and to be ready to participate in the Mass.Granted, circumstances arise which will delay a family.

Actually, I have received several letters over the past few weeks concerning poor manners at church, even one from a new immigrant to our country.

In one sense, we should not be surprised at the lack of proper manners and dress at church.

Bernadette's had a bathroom, because unless I was ready to vomit, I did not leave that pew except to receive holy Communion.

Next, leave home with time to arrive at church before Mass begins, preferably about five or 10 minutes.

People going in and out of the pews during Mass for the bathroom is distracting.

Granted, there are legitimate reasons for having to use the bathroom during Mass.

While we may not be surprised at such a state of affairs, we should not condone it or lower ourselves to it.

In regard to church, each of us should strive for good "Mass Manners," and parents especially should make sure they are teaching their children good Mass Manners. In our society, we still consider coat and tie for men and dresses or suits for women appropriate attire for weddings, for special parties (even Christmas parties) and certainly for meeting dignitaries, like the pope or the president.

Children should not be allowed to rattle keys, drop toys, kick the pews or run in the aisles.

These behaviors are distracting to the other people and especially to a priest who is trying to give a homily.

Frankly, shorts should be worn only by very young children; T-shirts should be kept for picnics; spandex pants and tights should be reserved for exercise; and halter tops should be burned.

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