Proxy blacklist daily updating script

We can not ignore the above comments regarding how long a node is really a node.Let us think technically about this and block accordingly if we block. The fact that the exit nodes change often simple means that when we block the master list often - preferably using a script.Anyone can download a tor script, and run it on almost any platform. IP's will also shift, especially true for dynamic IP's. Short blocks, and do rechecking, if you must block.

If you intend running a blocking script, please keep the blocks short and also continue to run a matching unblocking script.

-- zzuuzz Agree here, "Once a tor, always a tor" is not correct.

I'll bet it is down 10% today alone (For an illustration of the problem please take a look at today's WP: OP page[1] - probably all of these IPs were running Tor within the last few weeks, now less than half are).

Leaving aside the question of whether it is even a good idea, it is ineffective to run a one-off script to block all current IPs running exit nodes.

If it were run weekly and dynamic IPs were soft blocked, the potential for collateral damage is limited.

--B (talk) , 8 January 2008 (UTC) All IPs are dynamic, it's just a question of timing.

Respectfully, No, pre-emptive would be blocking TOR before it was ever used for vandalism. As for unblocking, if someone wants to automate that too, fine, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over the possibility that someone might run a TOR exit node, get his IP blocked, and then want to edit later.

Raul654 (talk) , 8 January 2008 (UTC) You can automate the block, and block the master list often.

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