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Life is not easy, but if you have love in your life it is all worthwhile!

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A self-fulfilling prophecy is one you make happen because you believe it will.

It came from a study where the scientists […] December 18, 2014Whether you live together are married or are still boyfriend and girlfriend, Christmas is not always easy to navigate.

Who out there doesn’t need a little psychic advice for dating and love?!

Relationships are not always easy and do not always come easy.

Their psychics are heavily tested to make sure they are authentic and truly gifted in their area of expertise.

February 14, 2018At this time of year, Valentine’s especially, it is normal for our thoughts to turn to love, and if you are currently single, recently separated or have been divorced for a while, meeting someone is going to mean dating.

But just what does the dating […] December 8, 2017The Book The film Wonder is based on a New York Times bestselling and award-winning novel of the same name written by R. The novel Wonder was Raquel’s debut novel, and came about from a real-life experience.

She was taking her son’s out for […] March 29, 2017Are you ready for love sounds like an odd question?

They meet on the internet, through online dating and social networking sites.

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