Pulse pounding dating sim jam

As made clear by the start and finish dates, entrants had 48 hours to create a dating simulation game.

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However, I really wanted to make a ‘dating sim’ for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam and instead of making it about weird and wonderful sexual experiences I wanted to make it about the heart stopping drudgery of being heterosexual in a world where heterosexuals are conditioned not to talk to each other, or listen to each other, or really have any idea what they are doing. However, I famously have somewhat manic-depressive tendencies, and therefore it takes place in a red-hot club atmosphere where your eyes are being singed and music is forcing its way into your skin and you love every second of your descent into hell.

Oh, yes, and turn your volume up, there is music at a certain point.

Will he defeat the greatest thread the Mushroom Kingdom has ever faced with the power of his riches?

Or will he realize that, all along, he already had everything he needed right at home?

You can help him through those issues while shopping for a new ukulele.

The game is fairly direct, and takes about five to ten minutes to complete.

That was my attempt at not just being some sort of heterosexual narc pissing on everyone’s fun.

Night at the Hospital is Team Snugglebunny’s visual novel entry for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam of 2013.

I decided to make a very short visual novel where you play as the character a dating sim protagonist is trying to win over.

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