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The jewel in this series' crown is quite clearly the visuals, its depiction of dystopian landscapes capable of stripping air from the room you're watching it in.The opening hour takes Kinnaman's Kovacs from clueless "sleeve" to reckless dead man walking in a matter of scenes, the Swedish born actor croaking his way through lines with evident relish he's getting to lead his own TV show.He has good timing as an anecdotalist and, unusually for an actor, he does self-deprecation well.

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‘As an actor you have to get used to receiving gentle little pies in the face,’ he says.

‘It’s to do with the gap between approbation and humiliation.

A post shared by Dr Zoe Williams (@drzoewilliams) on reunion for the show, making just about everybody's mornings.

Hunter appeared alongside Jet (Diane Youdale), Panther (Helen O'Reilly), Ace (Warren Furman) and even beloved referee John 'on my first whistle' Anderson back in October. ) anniversary, the stars reflected on their pasts as Gladiators, with Ace candidly revealing that his time on the show caused him to have a "turd in the swimming pool moment". Explaining that he learned the error of his ways through religion, Ace said: "It was really interesting for me because God will forgive the sin.

Well, that's why we're bringing you the groundbreaking news that one of the original Gladiators, Hunter, is dating a member of the Back to basics. I learnt the hard way this year, having had back issues myself.

Not serious, but horrible, incapacitating back issues all the same.

Morgan, here is yet another a ready-made entry into the canon of cyberpunk dystopia projects that continue to be a bubbling presence in the minds of film and TV creatives.

But with early buzz billing it as a comes before those two is the alphabet.

My son, Joseph, was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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