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I looked at the Sort Compare event, but it never seemed to be fired at all. Sort() function) Problem 2) When you click the top of a column to sort the data, all the cellstyles disapear.

anyone know how to keep the cellstyling the same between row sorting?

Hey I have a question regarding datagridview cells, I have made made the rows that display data from the database as read only, but the thing is when I click on one of the cells an event triggers out, I have coded for cellcontentclick, cellvalidating, currentcelldirtystatechanged, editingcontrolshowing.

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thanxxxxxxxxx hey when i add this code and click the content it gives an error saying Invalid Cast Exception Unhandled "Unable to cast object of type 'System.

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I am having trouble determining when my Data Grid View object is sorting (based on a column header click).

The idea is, in a large table, sorting the columns takes time, so I show a splash screen.I believe the Sort Compare event is fired only when there is no underlying Binding List, and so the Grid literally compares each cell's text value, which would explain why it is not fired if you have any underlying binding source. That said, there may be an obvious cause of it changing..try to hunt down why...maybe even throw some debug lines into the Cell Style Changed event to see when and how.Although you found a workaround, at a high level it seems to me such a workaround should not be needed...unless you customized the Cell Formatting event on the initial load, but somehow the same Cell Formatting event is not getting called when you sort.In database tables, we have some specific codes which have specific meaning.Programmers are aware of the significance of these codes but end users won’t understand what a particular code means.No sorting operation happens, so the event never triggers?

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