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At 38 years old she still looked good and was a skilled negotiator.

We lived in an exclusive part of the District of Columbia know as Chevy Chase.

We assumed it was some type of government project and left it at that.

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He asked about what we did for a living and seemed genuinely interested as we talked at length about our jobs and careers.

When we inquired about what he did for a living he told us he worked for the cute neighbor project.

We had intentionally chose our career paths over having a family.

During a typical week it was average for us to work 70-80 hours with little time to ourselves.

Our neighbors were all professional people and we could go for several weeks without seeing our next door neighbor.

Over the past several years Deb had got a soft spot for trying to help the underprivileged and environment type attitude.

Both Deb an I found him easy to talk to and from that point on we sort of became friends, at least in as much as one could have in the DC area.

Over the next several months we would get together on weekends and just talk.

He was outgoing and friendly and always trying to strike up a conversation. As Deb and I drove into the driveway one Saturday afternoon he came up as we got out of the car.

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