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A natural-looking world is an essential part of the biblical game plan of life, namely the exercising of our free will.

"I call to you witness today the heavens and the earth, I have placed life and death before you, the blessing and the curse.

In contrast, people without clear goals don't have a target to reach. Since he had so many goals, he was certain that he would reach many of them.

Every single person with great accomplishments and achievements has made goals. And each goal that he reached encouraged him to think that he would be able to reach many more goals.

Therefore choose life so that you may live, you and your progeny" (Deut. If humans are to have the will to choose freely, the world must look natural.

A natural world has radiation which produces crippling mutations and earthquakes which crush the innocent.It was amazing to see how he kept finding opportunities and resources that enabled him to reach his most important goals.Other people might feel overwhelmed by a large number of goals.This way they can build up an inner attitude of, "I am a person who makes and reaches goals." Then they can make larger and larger goals.Your self-conversations about your goals will either enable you to reach them or will prevent you from reaching them.In 1921, Arab mobs attacked Jewish residents of Jaffa and stormed the Zionist Immigration Center, killing 47 Jews.

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