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Make sure that both you and your partner(s) have *actually* been tested for herpes.

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Frankly, now that herpes is so easy to diagnose via type-specific blood tests, everyone should be doing this.

The medical profession will eventually catch up…but in the meantime, we need to ask our partners to get tested for herpes and other STD’s as soon as a physical relationship looks likely. View or download this list of reliable blood tests for herpes, from the American Society for Social Heath (ASHA) by clicking here.

So suppressive therapy along with the regular and proper use of condoms is highly effective in reducing your risk of transmitting herpes to a non-infected partner.

Herpes Herbal/Natural Remedies: In addition to prescription drugs, there are a number of herbal remedies that claim to have some positive benefits for people with herpes.

And believe it or not, MOST doctors do NOT include a test for herpes when they are testing their patients for other common STDs.

So 90% of the people who have genital herpes DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!

In many cases, condoms do not cover the area where the outbreaks or shedding occurs. Suppressive Therapy: In studies, Acyclovir and Valtrex (a derivative of Acyclovir/Zovirax) taken daily have been shown to greatly reduce the risk of transmission to a non-infected partner.

In one study, taking Acyclovir daily as suppressive therapy was so effective, that the percent of days that patients were shedding the virus was reduced to less than 1%!

The only difference between US and THEM (the general population) is that we KNOW what we have and we can do something about it.

Many of THEM are really part of US, but they just don’t know it.

Asking our potential partners to get tested may seem awkward, but just think of the favor you will be doing for yourself and everyone else – if someone who has it, finally learns that they have it and can start doing something about it.

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