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At this point, the tension lightens as the contestants assume that Raven's departure is the only elimination for the episode.However, Sharon informs them that they will still make an elimination.Heather is upset because she's assigned to be in the same room with Brandi C.

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See full summary » This series features old and new music videos, with a twist: As the video plays, "information bubbles" will "pop up" with facts about the production of the video, things contained in the ...

See full summary » This dating show seems to have accepted all the girls that were rejected from The Bachelor for being too trashy or just not that hot.

The girls struggle to pull the sled containing Megan, and matters are made worse when Brandi C. The next day, the girls must split into two teams of six for their next challenge, the next challenge is to set up a stage and a green room for Daniella's rock musician husband, Gilby Clarke, and the team who performs the best job will be made safe from expulsion.

joins her best friend Megan in on the sled when given the opportunity. Lacey, Megan, Brandi C., Jessica, Kristy Joe, and Destiney are on the first team.

While the girls prepare for the first elimination, Courtney wakes up, composes herself and shows up for the elimination ceremony.

Riki asks Raven if she really wants to be on the show, following Dallas having informed him earlier that Raven feels she does not need to be on the show, as she begins to talk about herself, Sharon concludes that Raven's decision to quit is quite clear and takes away her pledge pin; Raven leaves.Brandi C., has a difficult time doing push-ups and Sgt.Jones has her sit out, their next challenge is to move fifteen sandbags to a platform without dropping any, and should the girls drop any to the ground, then they will have to start over. Jones yelling at her and forcing her to sit out, she begins to cry.New York Goes to Work is a reality VH1 series that first premiered on May 4, 2009.This follow-up of New York Goes to Hollywood stars Tiffany "New York" Pollard as she tries to find a ...Becoming upset, Dallas states she dislikes being touched in inappropriate places and pours her drink on Lacey.

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