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This process may seem complicated however I was able to do it in 20 min with copying over using SSDs.and it is also much faster than downloading the whole 60 GBs.

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the last thing you want is a corrupted gta V on two computers instead of one.2.

Load the game at least once to make sure ALL the files are created.3.

It may be necessary to play for some time before the UFOs appear and the trigger point for "The Last One" becomes available.

This is the second GTA game since GTA III in which no weapon or vehicle-related award is given for 100% completion.

It's caused by Windows usernames with unconventional characters.

Basically, if the Windows username you're using features any characters in this handy list, then you'll need to sign in with another user account, or else create a new one.

Chris is reviewing GTA for us, and has had problems launching the game that are unrelated to the above Windows username error.

Specifically, Steam displayed an 'Installing' window for a few seconds and then closed, after which the game wouldn't load. Open GTA 5's install directory, found by right-clicking the game in the Steam library, going to 'Properties', and clicking 'Browse Local Files' in the Local Files tab.

On the PC that you are copying files TO and install social club using the download link below Club v1.1.5.6 Setup.exe6.

Follow the instructions and install social club and close it after installation.7to the user info from the old computer to the new computer into the documents.

From there, go into the 'Installers' folder and manually install the Rockstar Social Club through the installers found in that directory.

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