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I’ll mention it again: legacy Exchange DN is required, unlike some Exchange admins I overheard a while ago when they were looking for the cause of several NDRs.When sending a message, the sender and recipient are checked against the Global Address List (GAL).

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It turned out that there was no RUS entry for our local server, and after creating one and forcing an update, it worked immediately.

After some recent Exchange troubleshooting I decided to do a small write-up on an attribute most people working with Exchange know about, the infamous exchange Legacy DN.

Try this first and come back, if you have problems.

To repair the TCP/IP stack (on W2K machines or higher), just kick your network connection out, reboot your machine and reinstall the network connection (make sure you can logon locally!!! Just dont remove the ethernet card itself as you will have to reload drivers if you do.

Anyhow, I dont care about points, I just know that this works. Try it, if it works, just give the points to Bembi.

I had this same issue, but it only occurred with one (as far as I know) account.In the early days of Exchange, the NT world was flat.Exchange utilized its own hierarchical X.400 directory service and to uniquely identify objects it used an attribute called obj-Dist-Name.This morning I was asked to update the Global Address List and Offline Address Book in an Exchange environment.You could wait for Exchange to do it automatically (the default schedule is once a day) but what when you want to force the update to take place right now? The name cannot be matched to a name in the address list" error. - On the problem client PC, is it only certain mailbox names that could not be resolved or none of your server's recipient could be resolved?

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