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“My brother plays my wife,” says Fielding, “and he’s been having an affair with a triangle.” My mind races. “No, just a triangle shape”, Fielding replies with a giggle, whereupon I happen to notice a three-sided slab of pink foam-rubber propped up on the floor nearby, with a fake arm dangling ludicrously from it. And then, there’s some stand-up about turning 40.” Ah yes, I say, I was going to ask him about that. "My dad was maybe 19,” he says, “and my mum 18 – they were young.” As a child, he would often have to step over sleeping guests – “quite crazy characters” – the morning after his parents’ parties so that he could get to the kitchen and make himself breakfast.He also fondly recalls his parents’ record collection – “Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind – all the weird stuff” – and, like any of us lucky enough to have been born in the early Seventies, was weaned on a diet of blazingly odd, Sixties-hangover children’s TV shows such as Animal Kwackers, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Pipkins and The Banana Splits.

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But none of this comes close to conveying the eccentricity on offer. “The idea is that he’s in-between jobs,” says Fielding, “and that I met him at a salsa lesson and he said he’d be my understudy, but then he starts trying to take over. Julian’s older than me, and he said the thing about being 40 is that it’s like someone drops a fridge on you, from above, and after that the fridge is already on you and you’re crushed, and then 41, 42, 43, they’re just like pebbles.

Along with Fielding favourite The Moon, and Luxury Comedy’s Joey Ramone, Fantasy Man and Sergeant Raymond Boombox, there are also some tantalising new characters, and not merely that celestial body’s evil alter ego, Dark Side of the Moon. And there’s a new character called Chicken Man, who’s half man, half chicken, and has got Chicken Tourette’s." Chicken Tourette’s? He flips between being a Southern lady, like in A Streetcar Named Desire, and being a sort of insane Foghorn Leghorn. Once you’ve been flattened by a fridge, it’s fine.” Although Fielding has clearly survived his own fridge-collision with élan, he is already twice the age that both his mother (a Home Office employee) and father (a post-office manager) were when they had him.

He describes it as “half-an-hour of stand-up, and then it’s characters and music and animation”.

And, as with Luxury Comedy, there is also music recorded by Fielding and Sergio Pizzorno, of Kasabian (for whose 2014 Glastonbury show the aforementioned fright-mask was in fact made). ’ So it’s quite absurd.” Barely less absurd is that Meeten is playing Hispanic film star Antonio Banderas.

Close pals with the band Kasabian, he is said to have counted Ben Stiller and the late Robin Williams among Boosh admirers, and is these days living in north London with his girlfriend, Xfm DJ Lliana Bird.

He has also twice held exhibitions of his own paintings in a Soho pastry shop.

It was either: absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it. ’ I mean, I literally could have raped a horse and people wouldn’t have been as angry.” Fielding is currently, however, giving telly a rest to do something he hasn’t done since 2009: go on the road.

And the people who didn’t like it were angry: 'WHAT... Unlike that earlier tour, An Evening with Noel Fielding is a solo venture, even if it does also feature his younger brother, Michael, and actor Tom Meeten, regular collaborators both.

The first thing that catches my eye upon entering Noel Fielding’s north-London studio is a cartoonishly bizarre rubber mask, perched atop a limbless female mannequin, daubed with zombie-like flourishes of paint and crowned with a daft shock of green hair.

It could be the product of an unholy fertility rite involving Frankenstein’s monster, the Incredible Hulk and The Silence of the Lambs’ psycho Buffalo Bill. ” He pauses for a second, as if pondering whether the reference to the flamboyant glam-metal band is quite right - but he is soon sure.

Fielding readily acknowledges the impression that all this made on him, and is proud to have retained a child-like view of the world.

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