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A Shrewsbury primary school head teacher has praised Rotary for helping its children improve their reading.

Charlie Summers, head of the Grange Primary School, Shrewsbury, told members and partners of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club that the reading support they provide was ‘greatly helping’ pupils.

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Despite the snow, they all seem to have survived and will hopefully represent an appropriate introduction to the Easter season.” A three day journey in a fire engine from Shropshire to Romania was described to Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club by Rotarian Mike Mortimer.

It was one of a convoy of five fire appliances driven to Romania by Shropshire Firefighters who have the code name Operation Sabre.

Members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club planted the purple crocus on November 20 and in recent days the flowers have been at their most resplendent.

Said Rotarian John Yeomans, who was one of the team of planters: “They are a picture – a most lovely welcome to visitors to the Abbey Church.

As you know, last year we went through a fire, but we are grateful to God and to you because there were no victims.

The detector smoke alarm turn on and woke people up.

She told Rotarians about life on board, a typical day revolving around deck duties, support duties such as cooking and cleaning and the time allotted – for that all-important sleep.

All these tasks were made more difficult because they were often performed at an angle of 45 degrees due to the constant movement of the boat.

The fire engines are purchased for a nominal sum at the end of their working life from various Fire Authorities and refurbished prior to being sent to Romania.

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