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It is also however showing signs, because of rapidly changing and evolving technologies, of being a short-lived genre.

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This is a study of how the process of exchanging meaning is functionally motivated within electronic 'talk'.

My first endeavor has been to create a semiotic model for 'Natural Language' within the chatroom milieu.

We cannot know what the world was like before human language existed.

For tens of thousands of years, language has developed to form modern systems of grammar and syntax, yet language origin theories by necessity remain based largely on speculation.

With chatrooms, language itself may be going through new and rapid development – or, on the other hand, enthusiasts may be taking advantage of a brief experimental moment, acquiring expertise in communicative techniques which prove to be short-lived.

This period of intense activity is however one among many steps in the long process of human communication.From the era of pictograph accounts written on clay tablets in Sumeria. Curiously, in the electronic era, with the use of emoticons in online communication there are once again hundreds of signs with which to communicate.Sumerian Logographs -- circa 4000 BC Günter Dreyer.The study of language is one of the oldest branches of systematic inquiry, tracing back to classical India and Greece, with a rich and fruitful history of achievement (Chomsky, 2001).The basic building blocks of communication have changed little, but the methods through which we are able to use our linguistic abilities to convey ideas have changed drastically.The full web of online exchange and exchange relational modulation devices however remains unmapped, and unless every word written online is captured it never will be mapped and analysed fully.

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