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He hasn’t shown up, and he has ignored a modest list of demands put forth in the wake of an unprecedented incident of gay bashing by police officers from Station 25. Under clear blue skies, a love-in has occupied the intersection.

The next day, seeking justice, hundreds turned up at the police station. To mark the anniversary of this turning point in the LGBTQ rights movement, Monday July 16, 1990.

At noon about 250 Montrealers gather near the police station at the intersection of Boulevard de Maisonneuve and Rue Saint Mathieu for a "love-in." Mostly members of the city’s gay and lesbian communities, they discover on arrival that a planned meeting with the chief of police has fallen through.

Pimps will isolate their victims by threatening them and their families if they ever go to the police.

But according to Mensales, the pimps rarely follow through on these threats."When a victim of sexual exploitation breaks their silence and isolation, brought on by their pimp, they take on the power position," Mensales said.

Montreal police felt comfortable carrying out a coordinated attack on the gay community because they assumed their version of the story would not be challenged.

But even in the era before social media, a camera loaded with black and white film and a wide-angle lens was all it would take to arm the victims with undeniable proof.

He was likely the first person to be beaten, and was later charged with assaulting a police officer.

“As soon as I stepped outside I knew there was something off about the whole situation.

In the past five years, Montreal police have helped almost 200 victims of sexual exploitation leave that life behind with the help of a program called "The Survivors."The program was developed with the help of former prostitutes.

There are now 10 former victims of sexual exploitation helping police understand what goes on in that world and helping them support women who want to leave it.

Maybe they figured they would get the camera from me later, and I would have wound up providing them with the documentation rather than getting it to the press.

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