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Life in the Paleolithic wasn’t a pristine, sterile existence.

There were no fun-sized hand sanitizers or pasteurized eggs.

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Life was “impure,” even dirty by our standards, and there were infectious diseases – but at least we were somewhat equipped to deal with them because of the seamless integration of bacteria and other microorganisms into our lives.

So, while Grok may not have been actively fermenting foods (though he did employ unconventional meat storage methods that probably presaged fermentation), he was consuming plenty of bacteria on a regular basis.

Now, I won’t argue that given the current state of our food system, paying attention to cleanliness isn’t important. I wouldn’t feel comfortable drinking raw dairy products made from grain-fed cattle wading through rivers of their own toxic feces, and I’d be wary of eating a blood rare steak produced from the same cows in a filthy, heavily impacted slaughterhouse staffed exclusively by underpaid, overworked personnel.

With our current industrial agricultural standards, I can only imagine the incidences of e.

coli and other food-borne illnesses would skyrocket if they weren’t pasteurizing and irradiating everything.

I’m just saying that a little microorganism might be beneficial.Real sourdough is a good choice for guests who simply must have their bread, but don’t think fermentation makes it Primal approved. In fact, next to no dairy at all, I put fermented, raw, grass-fed dairy as the optimum form.The fermentation process breaks down the lactose, thus mitigating a potentially problematic sugar and decreasing the carb content (you can consider the official carb count of real yogurt cut in half; producers list the number of carbs present in the dairy before fermentation, and the fermentation process breaks down the lactose/sugar).Before they’re turned into delicious, rich dark chocolate, cacao beans must first be fermented.This deepens the color and enriches the flavor, but most importantly it destroys the astringent tannins present in raw cacao.The best dark chocolate is the product of long-fermented cacao beans with most of the tannins removed.

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