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Streaking seems to have been well-established on some college campuses by the mid-1960s.

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Dartmouth College has two streaking-related challenges: The Ledyard Challenge, in which students swim naked across the Connecticut River and run nude back across the bridge, Students at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, started a tradition called Naked Week in 2003, usually held in the second half of February; hundreds of students run naked across a different quad every night, and each night has a different theme.

Opening ceremonies begin with students running out of the library and across the academic quad (record of 39 naked runners in 2015).

Students disrobe and run a lap around Harvard Yard.

This is done in both semesters, even during New England winters.

The night before exams at midnight is marked by a several mile streak around a campus loop.

In past years students have been pursued by campus safety and local police officers, but few have ever been caught.

Streaking at Carleton College is a custom that spans half a century and garners participation from all sectors of the student body. While officially unsanctioned, the events are widely accepted by the administration and generally supported by the student body. While streaking may occur anywhere on campus, common targets include midnight breakfast and the Libe (during reading days and often during the Silent Dance Party), the Arb, and certain convocations (i.e. The men's and women's cross country teams are particularly well known for their streaking.

Both teams have historically participated in "naked laps" at Stadium and welcome the first snow of each year with a naked run. The University of California, Santa Cruz has an annual fall tradition known as First Rain, where students begin the run in Porter College and run naked around the campus during the first rainfall of the fall season, usually in October.

The University of Colorado comes in second with 1,200 streakers, and the University of Maryland ranks third, with 553 naked students streaking three miles in March 1974.

Erskine College claimed the highest per-capita streak, when 25% of its 600 students participated in a streaking party in 1974.

A longer version called the "Triathlon", includes two campus fountains.

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