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Content is protected by international copyright laws.The scapular (from Latin, scapula , shoulder) forms a part, and now the most important part, of the habit of the monastic orders.

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Originally the longitudinal segments of cloth were connected by cross segments passing under the arms -- a form which exists even today. Origin This monastic scapular, like the whole monastic habit and indeed the liturgical vestments of the priest, developed from the ordinary clothing of the laity. In fact, the original scapular of the Dominican Order was so made that it acted also as a covering for the head, and thus as a hood.

In former times also two segments of cloth hung over the shoulders, which they covered, and thus formed a cross with the longitudinal segments over the breast and back (cf. And, just as the stole is the special sign of the priestly dignity and power, the scapular is now the sign of the monk. Benedict, the scapular was at first nothing else than a working garment or apron such as was then worn by agricultural labourers. Benedict, it was expressly termed "scapulare propter opera" (c. The scapular of the West corresponded to the analabus of the East.

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