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It has happened that a certain name was a favorite one which became repeated in successive generations — without a distinguishing middle name or the latter omitted. The investigator, in such instance, may THE FAMILY OF EARLY start quite confidently upon tlie family search through a first genera- tion of 'Mary and John' — pursue the genealogical lines to a second generation but gets entangled, lost, in the maze of Marys and Johns discovered increasingly in the extension of lines. 96, who had a brother Maolmocheirghe, angli- THE FAMILY OF EARLY cised Mulmoghery, Early and Eardley — eleven generations from Co Ua-da-Criocli. "Families in Ireland from llie 1 1th to end of the 16th century," by Philip Mc Dermott, M. It remains to designate the descendants of later generations who came to America, and made their abode in Virginia.

From their high character these annals have, since their publication, served as the basis of all Irish historical writings." Translated by John O'Donovan, barrister-at-law, 1856. In this there is a genealogical Index concerning the three Collas from 322 to 1536, which is amplified in the history; they were the ancestors of various families in Ireland and Scotland. "Irish Pedigrees" begins with what the author calls the "stem" of each pedigree.

From the stem, branch many other families, and to the head of each is attached a number, which determines the order of precedence assigned. Maolmodieirghe, O'Maolmocheirghe, O'Mui- moghery, O'Maoilmocheirghe, or Ua Maolmocheirghe.

I do not claim for it entire accuracy of detail, for it has not been possible always to confirm — yet on the other hand to disprove — much information which has been given by members of the connection.

My aim is to preserve the knowledge which I have secured and incidentally to furnish clues to those who may desire to obtain lost traces of their branch of the family.

The absence of record in various lines is not intended to convey the impression that none exists but that (if extant) I have not been able to obtain it.

One of the greatest deterrents to investigation has been the re- currence of the same given name often perpetuated through genera- tions of large families.

There are at the public record office in Chancery Lane, London, twenty-six miles of shelves containing millions upon mil- lions of documents methodically arranged, so that if you have the necessary facts to work on, you may trace family history generation by generation.

Among the people who have observed the custom (which has a bearing upon nation and individual ) are the Irish, who incorporated it in their system of government.

In such instances accuracy of date alone may keep one from becoming confused and misled.

Even then the not unusual habit of one brother duplicating the name another chose for his children, may halt investigation indefinitely.

Then a time came when it was of im- portance for tlie conquerors to know something of the native families.

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