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In that time, the program was also banned and then re-approved by RIDE for use in public schools.

In 2004, Heritage of Rhode Island, which received training and curricula from Heritage Community Services of South Carolina, began receiving a federal abstinence-only-until-marriage grants of 0,260 per year.

The groups sent a letter to principals urging them to reject the program because it included “dangerous medical inaccuracies about pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted diseases” and sent “an inappropriate message to students from non-traditional households.” The fight was cut short, however, when Heritage’s federal grant was not renewed, and the organization officially closed in the winter of 2007.

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The state education commissioner explained that Heritage received approval after it incorporated the recommendations of a review committee.

The revised curriculum included information about the efficacy of condoms and how they are used to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

SIECUS reviewedone of the curricula created by Heritage Community Services,and found that itcontains very little information about important topics in human sexuality such as puberty, anatomy, and sexual behavior.

Even topics that are frequently discussed in detail in other abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, such as condoms and STDs, receive very little mention.

The state match may be provided in part or in full by local groups.

However, the state did not apply for these funds due to the extraordinary restrictions upon how the money must be spent.(See the Events of Note section for more information on the closing of this organization.).Filled with educational materials, sex toys, books, and the largest handmade vulva doorframe in America, the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is a resource center for everything relating to sex and sexuality.For example, the curriculum tells students “Males are more sight orientated whereas females are more touch orientated.This is why girls need to be careful with what they wear, because males are looking!The CSPH, a nonprofit organization based out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, was designed to provide adults with a safe physical space to learn about sexual pleasure, health, and advocacy issues.

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