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Regardless of their state in life, others should treat him the same way.There are moral absolutes which shape our world and confront our individual Theresa Notare April 3, 1998Recently a reader asked if I had ever written on the subject of living the "gift of human sexuality" as a single person.

We need to exercise self discipline and avoid things which encourage negative sexual myths.

We should avoid certain movies and music, and shun all violent and abusive materials, such as pornography.

All of the great religions and philosophical systems confirm this.

On the practical level this means that we have to work to properly develop in a healthy way.

El foro es un espacio diseñado para brindarles a las personas con discapacidad una ruta de inclusión laboral y emprendimiento que les permita mejorar su calidad de vida y, quien ha trabajado como consejera en sexualidad a diferentes grupos de población, particularmente a aquellos en situación de mayor vulnerabilidad.

La Corporación Auris es una organización sin ánimo de lucro que trabaja hace 9 años en beneficio de la población vulnerable.

We have intelligence, we can think and solve problems. We are creatures of faith, connected to the Divine. Within the context of human nature, pro-creation also speaks of our need to be in relation to each other--to build family, to have community.

We have reason, we can judge what is right and wrong. When we reflect upon our sexuality within the context of all these other elements we should be able to see that it is a mistake to think of our sexuality as existing on its own. If we hope to live in a sexually mature way, our basic challenge in life is to integrate our sexual feelings with all other aspects of being human.

Living God's gift of human sexuality means that we have the challenge of "respectfully" directing this gift in "a manner reflective of our human dignity and God's gracious design." (Human Sexuality, pp.

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