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Grinter and Eldridge (2001) raised issues of public versus private space as they emphasized that the popularity of IM among teens stems from their need to socialize with friends while confined to their homes.Hellenga (2002) reinforces this notion, stating that peer-based connectedness is especially important for adolescents.It has been determined, for example, that women are more relationship oriented than men (Boneva, et al., 2001), and that women invest more in personal relationships and maintain a more extensive social network (Moore, 1990; Walker, 1994; Wellman, 1992).

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(Males: 1 hour, 47 minutes: females: 1 hour 46 minutes.) Gender differences were noted, however, in IM usage habits.

This work highlights the need for instant messaging research to employ naturalistic observation in addition to the previously relied upon data collection methods of self-reported interviews and focus groups.

Key Words: Gender, Instant Messaging, Technology, Teens, Time Usage century American parent: an adolescent girl with a phone to her ear.

Chatting with friends she left only moments ago, she paces the floor tethered to the wall by the 3-foot cord.

(Boneva, Quinn, Kraut, Kiesler and Shlovski, in press.) In addition, this developmental period is typically defined by the need for person–to-person communication with friends (Boneva, et al., in press.).

Kyratzi (2004) also emphasizes the need for peer communication as a means of establishing and maintain peer culture.

This study investigates gender differences, usage times, and peak times for adolescent instant messaging (IM) usage.

Using a computer program called Buddy Tracker, data was collected on the actual IM usage of nearly 400 teens, ages 13-18.

Furthermore, Ft F participants had greater self-other agreement then those who interacted via CMC.

Implications for impressions formed over the Internet are discussed.

An Internet web-log (blog) community was also electronically observed to determine its gender composition.

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