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Sometimes Spittle would flail from his mouth as he castigated Frank for his complacency when it came to church matters. Now it was just another sunday, nothing new, nothing exciting.Sir Peter was a man of extreme temper and tenacious spiritual devotion. The tirade would proceed in the car, as Peter drove his wife Caroline, Lilian his daughter and his son Frank 6miles to church, just to arrive on time and head straight to the front row of the church. Bulletins were stared at, rosaries were fiddled with.

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Sir peter always stayed clean shaven, with flimsy side bons on each side and a heap of mustache.

Anytime he donned on his circle rimmed glasses, he resembled Einstein.

Some slept docently, even snoring, others stared absent mindedly at the priest.

Some youngsters stealthly punched their Blackberries, while pretending to listen intently, all at once.

When young Frank messes up a dicey occultic ritual, something very deadly is brought forth into the world, something sinister and malevolent, worst of all unteethered. Frank thinks Abigail is human, just because she looks like one.

Beautiful, sweet and seemingly caring, she offers to give him all he desires but then he is to love her unconditionally forever.

Anyone who had his whole family snatched from him in a blink, would hardly be sane.

Not that he had friends anymore, his eccentric life style had shed them all away.

Frank stared at his father a moment longer, Sir peter, the perfect man.

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