Sexbots chat

“In my work I want to demonstrate the possibilities of moving beyond traditional camera practices," the artist explains.

I am experimental and I do not allow myself to be limited by formal techniques.” One video installation in the series repeatedly sounds “my objective is to be a good companion to you, to give you pleasure and well being” over a clip of a sexbot dressed in a blazer and gloves.

The black-and-white screen glitches as the viewer struggles to get a glimpse of the cyborg’s face.

The smartphone app uses machine learning similar to your digital assistant, in order to learn more about you.

The only difference here is that, instead of making your everyday life more convenient, Harmony AI controls your linked Real Doll to instead give your sex life a boost.

“‘Replacement relationships’ are on the rise and I wanted to create a body of work that is both visually disturbing and alluring at the same time.” Even her Instagram is filled with uncanny images of computer keyboards and CCTV cameras: a glaring reminder that there is no privacy in the age of cybersex, artificial intimacy and digital surveillance.

incorporates technology into art in new and unexpected ways.

Customers have to pay for a yearly subscription on the website for the service and download the app from there, instead of the official app store.

In addition, it’s currently only available for Android, where users can sideload the app.

“I like to work with devices used by people who are accessing ‘relationship replacement’ services such as camera phones and webcams.

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