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Middle class young people also hang around in discotheques, the Hard Rock Cafe and other cafe places.

Having a mobile phone or a pager and driving one's own car is not uncommon among these young people.

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Peer group pressure and recognition are quite important for them, and most belong to a "group" with which they spend most of their time.

Mixing between the sexes among young people in Jakarta is also freer compared to a generation ago.

They have developed a "youth culture" specific to their group and have developed a "youth dialect" which others have difficulty in understanding.

Jakarta's middle class young people are becoming Westernised in their attitudes towards types of fashion, music, film, food and even sexuality.

THE SETTING: JAKARTA MIDDLE CLASS YOUNG PEOPLE "POPULAR CULTURE" Jakarta's middle class young people of today live in a very different social environment than their parents.

Nowadays young people are freer to express themselves.

The two teachers maintained their innocence throughout the trial.

AP says that staff at the school campaigned for their release, arguing that the case was motivated by money after the mother of one of the children sued the school for 5 million in compensation.

In those days, a first meeting between a husband and wife on the day of the weeding day still often happened.

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