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An Annual Review for years two, three, and four of the licensure cycle must be submitted to the PDT at the end of the licensure cycle.It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit a complete PDP with documentation (See PDP Writing Form and Checklist: Step IV - Documentation for Plan Completion, Appendix D) any time between July 1 and January 15 in the final year of the licensure cycle.The median annual wage for training and development managers was 5,830 in May 2016.

Training and development managers oversee staff and plan, direct, and coordinate programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of an organization’s employees.

Training and development managers work in nearly every industry.

The PDT must notify the renewal applicant no later than June 1 of verification status of the Professional Development Plan (PDP).

(See License Renewal Plan Format, Appendix A.) The PDP is based on a self-reflection process using Wisconsin Educator Standards and in collaboration with colleagues (see PDP Writing Form and Checklist: Step II - Writing the Plan, Appendix B).

It is the responsibility of the applicant to review the plan annually and document progress for all years of the cycle except the first and last year (see PDP Writing Form and Checklist: Step III - Annual Review, Appendix C).

The initial educator must submit the Annual Review to a PDT no later than April 1 of the year when significant change in the goal occurs.

The plan must demonstrate your increased proficiency and professional development based on the Wisconsin Educator Standards. A timeline needs to be established that provides for meaningful professional development that leads to improved student learning.

In the initial educator cycle, the plan may be completed in three years, but must be completed within five years.

They typically work full time in offices and spend much of their time working with people.

Most candidates need a combination of education and related work experience to become a training and development manager.

This team and the applicant will utilize PDP Writing Form and Checklist, Appendix B, to complete the review and approval of the plan by December 1 of the second year of the licensure cycle.

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