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Celebrities try to force themselves through crazy shapes in a wall and more often than not end up head first in the water.

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is a game show set in the Wadi Rum desert region in Jordan. Each episode starts with two teams each with two contestants one male and one female – referred to as the green team and the orange team (identified by the colour of their clothing), and usually made up of a couple, friends, or brother and sister.

Both teams go through a series of challenges, and the winning team gets the chance to win gold ingots, which they cast themselves from the Forges Room.

The competition between captains strengthens and the stakes heighten because the more holes they get through the more money they win for charity.

Only the winning team walks away with £10,000 prize money for the charity of their choice. The show is most famously remembered for giving birth to Will Young, who won the first series with Gareth Gates coming second.

Hosted by Melinda Messenger and Leslie Grantham with Geoffrey Bayldon, the show was recorded at the actual Fort Boyard off the coast of France.

This mad show originated in Japan and became a worldwide hit – Hosted by Dale Winton, joined by team captains Anton Du Beke and Darren Gough, armed with silver lycra suits and a team of three well know names in a competition to see who can get through the .

Their sole aim is to get into the Palace of the Forge, but in order to do so, they must first duel each other and then continue on to complete tough challenges and mathematical problems inside the palace.

The show was presented by Richard Fairbrass and Gabrielle Richens, with Melanie Winiger starring as the Poetess, ruler of the Palace.

She has the world’s biggest ‘blank’.” is an adventure game show based on an original French format. A team of athletic contestants took part in a series of physical and endurance challenges and collecting letters of the Alphabet.

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