Small schools consolidating into bigger school

It’s equally beneficial from a social standpoint—fewer students in the room make class participation inescapable, but also usually less intimidating.

The size of such schools actually promotes belongingness; it becomes difficult for kids to go unnoticed and slip through the proverbial cracks.

“We co-op sports, now we’re trying to look at some other alternatives in terms of co-oping maybe some academic-type things.”Eventually, for instance, Greenview students might be able to learn from teachers 30 miles north in Delavan through Internet classes.

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A varied representation of ethnicities, creeds and races at a school can mean more multiethnic, philosophical and interracial dialog.

Historically, the benefits of racial and ethnic diversity in education have been viewed in this way, as explained in 2007 by the U. Commission on Civil Rights: “Recent studies have shown that students of all racial or ethnic groups who attend more diverse schools have a higher comfort level with members of racial and ethnic groups different than their own, an increased sense of civic awareness, and a greater desire to live and work in multiracial settings relative to their segregated peers.” As we move toward a more global marketplace, this ease with diversity can benefit kids in both their future personal and business relationships.

De Patis is working with Parker and Tami Roskamp, superintendent of the 1,110-student Beecher School District in suburban Chicago, to highlight issues facing smaller districts.

The three superintendents invited 720 school districts with enrollments of 2,500 or less to take part in their survey. Curriculum limitations De Patis and Parker have discussed the possibility of sharing resources through Internet resources such as Skype, which allows face-to-face interaction in real time.

Larger than Life: What’s So Great About Big Schools?

On the other hand, larger schools can be equally advantageous for different reasons.Teachers in rural communities also often take on a variety of duties as needed in their individual schools.The cross-training, however, can make it difficult to find replacements if they leave.Large schools generally have more to offer students in the way of extracurricular activities too. Holmes Braddock Senior High School in Dade County, Florida.Over 4500 students strong, it boasts more than 60 clubs and activities that range from salsa dance to Amnesty International—and that’s not even counting their sports programs.From a cognitive standpoint, scaling back class size is good because it offers the opportunity to delve deeper into the curriculum and move through it at a faster pace.

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