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While Soul Friends are harmonized with us through their ego identities, Soul Companions experience soulful harmony with us.

The nature of a Soul Companion is much more long-lived and stable to that of a Soul Friend for this reason.

One of the reasons for such depth and harmony is because they usually share with us the same Soul Age.

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No matter how fleeting the encounter, each soul that comes into our lives has the potential to provide a significant life transforming moment; even that one girl that smiled at you from the window of a bus passing by. In our language we have the word ‘friend’, and the word ‘soul mate’ which is essentially romantic by nature. Someone who is more than just a ‘best friend’ but doesn’t have the romantic and sexual attraction of a ‘soul mate’?

We need to create new words to express these relationships we have with others.

They don’t necessary teach you intentionally, but often provide challenging situations in your life for you to overcome and learn from.

Soul Teachers often come in the form of family members, friends, acquaintances, old lovers, momentary drifters and even enemies.

Usually any friction in relationships is due to a failure in acknowledging something within ourselves, or in other words; a resistance to the lessons our Soul Teachers teach us.

We can never change other people unless can change ourselves.

Many describe the feeling as ‘returning home’, or developing a greater sense of wholeness in the presence of the other person.

Soul Twins share complementary, compatible life goals and their spiritual natures are often in sync.

Here are a few words that help to distinguish these deep connections we have in life: This is your most common type of relationship connection.

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