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Movie: (1990) After they are killed in a car wreck, the spirits of some teens try to elude the “soultaker” sent to collect them.

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Later on, of course, somebody had to choose which of the takes to use.

While I agree with the choices for all the other host segments in this episode, I have to say that I would not have used the take of segment 1 they chose.

Legendary host segments, of course, but also a watchable but supremely dumb (and somewhat creepy — and not in a good way) movie and very strong riffing. • This season got a new set of theme song lyrics that incorporate the whole Castle Forrester premise. BBI invited us to attend the taping and, despite that fact that I couldn’t afford it and couldn’t really take time away from work, I dropped everything and got on a plane.

• The stretch between the end of season 9 and the beginning of season 10 was 197 days, the fourth-longest amount of time MSTies had to wait between seasons (not counting the time between season 10 and season 11). Brian was able to get there ahead of me and witnessed the Castle Forrester scenes being taped.

I never saw a script, so I don’t know what changed, but he later said he was just making the dialog more comfortable for him to say.

• They were getting ready to shoot the first scene, but there was some sort of delay. Brian and I were milling about on the set when Jeff Stonehouse turned around and looked at us and asked: “Hey would you want to help us out, here?

• Joel gives props to the band Man or Astroman, which have been playing the MST3K theme song as part of their set for a long time.

• A lot of fans (including me) wished this episode could have featured Joel in the theater. But ultimately Joel wanted to be part of the writing process if he was going to do that, and he just didn’t have the time to devote to that. • When Joel said: “I…don’t really want to…” I was standing about 15 feet away in back of the set and his delivery was so perfect I wanted to bust out laughing. • Movie comment: The laws of physics in this movie are really confusing. The ghost characters seem to be able to manipulate some things but not others.

Host segment 3: The mysterious visitor who saved the ship appears on the bridge–and it’s JOEL!

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