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‘Our focus is definitely on the music and the experience, but the nature of that means that we’re aimed at a slightly older crowd,’ says Miles Simpson, one of the DJs behind the night. That’s pretty exciting if you’re 18 to 25, but we offer musical authenticity in a more intimate setting, allowing for a more personal party.’ And one with a guarantee that it won’t turn into a Bacardi Breezer-swigging scene from ‘Hollyoaks’ by the end.

To others, as one Guardian reader pointed out, it sounds about as fun as a school reunion.

Perhaps they’d fancy a club night where the music is just as fresh as any youth rave instead.

There are prizes for the best retro outfits and soul, funk and disco are the dominant sounds of the evening that keep the glittery Afro wigs bouncing till the last-train-home-friendly time of 11.30pm.

The concept is something of a suburban phenomenon, a mature reinvention of the over-thirties home counties discos that still take place in hotels and halls from Dorking to Woodford.

‘We used to go clubbing quite a lot but we had kids and now we feel like we don’t fit into the club scene anymore,’ she says of herself and her friends, echoing the concern that there can be a stigma attached to being an over-forties clubber.

‘You have to book a babysitter, trek into the West End, queue to get in and not even know whether you’ll be let in because you look a bit older.’ At Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet, there is no such snooty door policy, but its crowd of late thirties to fifties movers and shakers take the party’s ’70s vibe quite literally.Equal parts relationship skills class & speed date, you’ll share a moment of guided connection with up to 24 dates.Authentic and playful exercises help bring out your best self so you can get to know your dates in a real way: Fun, PG-rated (think partner yoga, actor’s improv, eye-gazing, dance), and infused with positive relating skills to exemplorate healthy relationships.Mr Peter Moore, a fiftysomething reader from south west London, wrote in to us to ask where ‘active middle-aged people could dance the night away without feeling like fish out of water among a sea of 20-year-olds’.These sorts of nights, he continued, did not seem to appear in our listings.Vintage dress-up and reunion nights are obvious options too – the former with its focus on refined dancing and the latter often popping up to celebrate 20 years since its glory days of partying, marketed via various nostalgic Facebook groups. Nikki Spencer, a journalist and lecturer from south-east London in her early fifties, runs one such night with this in mind.

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