Speed dating book lovers online dating in bloomington normal

(Both are MBA grads from Harvard Business School.) The site has attracted 50,000 visitors, with a few hundred registered. Libraries aren’t known as hot spots to meet singles.

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Bookworms are having their moment with the rise of a slew of new dating sites and events geared toward the literary set.

There's (tagline: "Dating by the book"), which lets users scope out would-be partners based on their reading picks.

Through Google, she discovered a library in Fargo, N. The concept is simple: Each person brings two or three books he or she is reading or already loves and uses them to spark conversation.

The mini-dates last about five minutes — enough time to see whether there’s chemistry but to leave you wanting more.

“It’s not combative like political discussions can be; everyone just wants to share our joy around books.

There have been groups of us who get together at the end and shut the library down.” So, just what books would their future lovers have in tow?

Leitzia said he’d like to see a woman carrying one of his guilty pleasures, such as “High Fidelity.” Lucas prefers nonfiction.

But Conklin has figured out a way to work the system.

Many people leave having made good friends and return the next month to make more, she said.

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