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Oversized tube profiles and Cube‘s own C:62 carbon mean this is a bike designed to feel fast, but there’s still enough flex in the rear and carbon forks to dampen out buzz. However, whilst manufacturers have to make their decisions based on what they feel will suit the ‘average rider’, remember that when buying a bike you’re an individual.The geo has been designed to combine comfort with agile handling, and is described as ‘Aero Endurance’. All you need to do is choose a bike for you – so test riding women’s specific and unisex bikes will probably give you your answer.

The reasons for this vary – some brands say their research suggests women have a shorter wingspan (arms), meaning a shorter reach is ideal, others suggest women’s lower upper body mass and centre of gravity make this a more suitable option, whilst some explain that women position their pelvis differently to avoid soft tissue compression.

Some say the reason is that their focus groups and studies suggest many women want to ride in a more upright position.

Growing demand means that more and more brands are offering bikes designed to suit the needs of the female cyclist.

Some manufacturers believe women need their own, purpose designed frames, whilst others feel that adjusted contact points (saddle, handlebars and cranks) are where it’s at. Check out: We’ve teamed up with a selection of top brands to show off some of their women’s road bikes below.

Most riders will swap the saddle on their bike early on – but a women’s model will come with a women’s saddle – giving a slightly higher chance of getting on with the perch on first rides.

Many women choose to buy a standard unisex frame, and adjust the components above to suit.

Gearing: If we’re comparing Joe Bloggs and Lizzie Deignan – it’s not realistic to say that the female rider will produce less power.

But if we’re comparing Joe Bloggs and Joanna Bloggs, it’s an understandable assumption.

There are two clear approaches that brands take: Some brands build a frame to be completely women’s specific.

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