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His contributions to microwave technology include theory of electron tubes, and development of a high-frequency oscillator (a tube) with co-inventer Karl Kunz, which led to understanding of velocity modulation.

He established the Barkhausen Stability Criterion which is used to predict when oscillations begin in feedback circuits.

Although he was born in Utah, his early death was linked to abuse of alcohol.

See him win a carton of Winstons for his appearance on I've Got Secret in 1957!

The field of microwave engineering contributed a lot to the efforts of both sides (all sides? Building on the work done earlier in the century, engineers developed microwaves theories and techniques for military and commercial applications that are still in use today. Go back to the first page of the Microwave Hall of Fame.

Go on to the third page of the Microwave Hall of Fame. Shintaro Uda (July 1, 1896 to August 18, 1976) invents and patents a high-gain antenna in 1926, while attending Tohoku Imperial University, in Sendai, Japan.

Nominated by Ernest, and Keith, almost simultaneously!

Charles Édouard Guillaume (1861-1938, pronounced "gee-ohm" with a hard g, as in "get") was a Swiss physicist who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1920 in for his work on the anomalies in nickel steel alloys.

The 1954 story about the 62-year-old Father of Radar getting a .50 speeding ticket from a Canadian cop who doesn't know who he's giving the ticket to, much less how his "electronic speed-meter" works is solid gold!

Watson-Watt wrote a poem about his speeding ticket experience, Microwaves101 keeps it here!

Philo Taylor Farnsworth (1906-1971) among other things may be regarded as the father of electronic television, which was contested by evil-empire RCA for many years.

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