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Genital Herpes causes painful ulcers in the genitals and is very common but very often has no symptoms at all.Syphilis is less common but also causes sores, though they are not painful; it rarely occurs without symptoms.Treatment for each STD is individualized, and your doctor can prescribe the appropriate treatment. Order individual STD tests or get a comprehensive panel, without having to talk to a doctor. Drop off a blood or urine sample at a lab and get your results online in a few days. If needed, consult with a Plush Care doctor for further advice or any needed treatment.

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Sore throat is probably from post nasal drainage & not STD, but if it continues get a throat culture. Read more Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the parasite trichomonas vaginalis. Gonorrhea is well known for its painful "drip" of puss and debris from the penis and pain when urinating. Read more It is unlikely that an std would show symptoms in 4 hours, generally it takes days to weeks for them to take hold once you have been inoculated.

The infection usually does not cause symptoms in men and goes away on its own in a few weeks. There are more than a dozen infections that can pass sexually, including the recently noted Zeka virus. The discharge if it is an STD came from before the oral sex. And yes, you probably may have passed it on to the other person you were having sex with if no protection was used. Read more Secondary syphillis can cause a rash on the face and the rest of the body. Read more See 1 more doctor answer You are at little if any STD risk.

STDs used to require pelvic exams in women and urethral (penile) swabs in men to effectively diagnose all of them.

New testing has been developed that allows urine samples and simple blood test to diagnose the vast majority of STDs.

Handsfield is a renowned expert in the study of infectious disease. Handsfield will answer your questions about sexual activity with low risk exposure to HIV, such as oral sex, condom-protected intercourse, hand-to-genital exposure, and nonsexual contact with possibly infected blood or body fluids, as well as symptoms of early HIV infection.

Note: Questions about the treatment of HIV/AIDS or its complications, viral load or similar topics will not be addressed in this chat.

Any symptoms would be oral only; STDs don't travel through the body to unexposed sites. Read more 70% of cervical cancers, also anal and oral cancers as well.

Here is an example picture of the hpv causing ulceration/cancer of the tongue--it is not pretty.

This group of diseases can range from benign to life threatening and from curable to lifelong illness.

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