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I've had worse- What's not to like about this card! It's simple, if you think your going to get schorched hold on to 1-2, I'd even say deje Vu for one if you don't have one, but if you don't think that's a treat then draw with it for power turns! Levy- this card resets the deck after 14 turns, it's prob the hardest and most stressful part of playing the deck knowing that you could mill all you ways to bring this back and play it so always keep a recursion card for worse case situations...

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Well that's the deck I've been playing and working on for a long time now and I've played it against almost all archetypes, I really feel that there is no good answer to it yet...

I know everyone thinks crisium grid will shut it down but if your opponent if running it just chew up all his ice protecting HQ and trash it over and over, and wile he's constantly reacting to you agendas are building up and will be there later... After my store champs yesterday I wish I had had some ice destruction.

It's obviously also a great econ card and is just great fuel for your fire.

Amped Up- The options this card unlocks is huge, it's main use is to set up huge Wanton Destruction plays and it does that great, but I also love it when I'm playing against shell game decks, keep them poor and amped into every remote, it keeps the control in your court and does crazy work...

Day job- aside from it being my fav art this card is legit, if you like A. I love having huge cards like this to play when the corp leaves me with no new options, it keeps the pressure up and makes them realize they can't just click for credits three times... Deje Vu- This is the card that brings the card together, letting you get the cards Max X mills feels like a tutor and it lets you recur your mean cards over and over!

The Utensils- this was the last peace to the puzzle of this deck, I wasn't sure if I was going to add them at all but after a few games that ended dragging out I needed to find an answer for troublesome ice that I needed to pass on a regular basis, and I found that with this set of cards.

This is also not a deck that "plays itself" by any means.

Every turn you are making important decisions, choosing the best of a few great options.

I still won every game with Max X, but some took a bit longer.

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