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Beautifully photogenic, and sporting a great smile and an even greater body, Amanda was a lock to make the list. With two career wins, this Kansas native caught the eye of Texas brunette beauty Gabby Granado (28).Update: Sadly the Dufners announced that they started divorce proceedings in late March of 2015. The two have been dating for years (no ring spotted yet), and both reside together at their beautiful home in Orlando, FL.It just so happens each of them are incredibly beautiful – But who’s the hottest?

Don’t be fooled, Samantha is not just Austin’s arm candy or Paulina’s sidecar, she’s actually made quite a name for herself as a part of the College of Charlston women’s tennis team. Now all we need is Dustin to win the Masters with Austin on the bag, that post-game celebration should be entertaining.

By know just about everyone is aware of Jason Dufner’s absolutely stunning wife Amanda, and it’s no wonder why the 2013 PGA Championship winner would be drawn to her.

Take it from us, if this show comes to pass, plenty of men will have no problem seeing Alli grace their televisions.

When you’re married to one half of “Team Gorgeous” you’re doing something right!

With her curves and piercing eyes, Liz was an easy choice to make the list.

This former FHM model is married to two-time PGA TOUR winner Will Mac Kenzie.

With high hopes for her man Gabby recently proclaimed that Gary has been working his butt off to become the best player in the world.

Most don’t know the name (yet), but the hot handed 21 year old Rookie of the Year Jordan Spieth sure does.

Okay, we know Austin Johnson isn’t exactly on the PGA TOUR, but he can probably beat you on the course.

Recently caddying for his brother Dustin in the 2013 Hyundai TOC in Kapalua, Austin took the bag for four days on the big island. Maddox, the Johnson brothers seem to be doing alright for themselves lately.

Every year there seems to be more and more lovely ladies gracing the sidelines of the PGA TOUR, and with all of the Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets surrounding the sport, our exposure to these first ladies of golf seems to be growing every year (thankfully! So follow along as we count down the top 10 hottest PGA TOUR wives and girlfriends to who made the list.

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