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Top notes are bergamot, pineapple and red berries; middle notes are caraway and nutmeg; base notes are tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli, praline and sandalwood.

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Angel by Mugler is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Angel was created by Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin.

Angel really paved the road for Mugler to continue to create weird perfumes.

On me, Angel starts off with the gourmand notes standing out the most. However, when the drydown happens, the patchouli comes out in full force with no mercy on my skin.

If you enjoy how Angel opens with its sweeter notes, but wish they didn't get completely dominated by the patchouli, then I wholeheartedly recommend checking out Angel Muse (which is much more of a gourmand than this). Lots of people have different scent associations with the 90's, but this is without a doubt mine.

If you love patchouli, I see no reason why you shouldn't love this perfume (even if it does come across sweeter with your body chemistry-- patchouli is the dominant note here). Angel is childhood in a bottle, and not just in the way that Mugler actually intended.As a premier producer of convenience fresh foods and fresh cut produce, and with processing facilities throughout the United States, Ready Pac Foods manufactures a complete range of products featuring fresh produce and protein under the company’s Ready Pac Foods, Bistro, Ready Snax, Cool Cuts, elevĀte and Fresh Prep’d brands.Offerings include fresh-cut salads, wrap kits, fruits, vegetables and fresh snacking options available where consumers buy groceries and in restaurant chains across North America.Cooking them at a high heat makes their interior tender just as the sugar-and-spice coating begins to caramelize and brown the outside.These peppery sweet potatoes complement a variety of roasted meats, and just one serving supplies all your daily vitamin A and one-third of your daily vitamin C. Place potatoes in a large bowl; coat with cooking spray.It makes me sad that so many people are enjoying this and I don't get to :( My daughter bought this and loves it.

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