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On Stronger, lyrical poetry forfeits to kitschy catechisms, too often downgrading heartfelt prose to banal humdrum. It will always be a part of me and I'll never forget it ever.

Though Trent is not looking for heady, introspective verses, even the lighter side can be slighted by thoughtless rhyme.

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Part vacation and part mission trip, just asking God, “What is your desire for our lives right now? ”When Trent didn’t return to the surface after almost 15 minutes, Tammy frantically began to look for him.

As more minutes ticked by, she became increasingly panicked, fearing that something was very wrong.

There is no doubt Tammy Trents fifth record will find its place alongside Natalie Grant and Avalon in the catalogs of hardcore pop fans, but with so much music available today, it is difficult for new projects to differentiate from one another.

From major label celebrities to independent no-namers, artists have to test their musical formulas in order to provide a creative edge, significantly pushing the envelope just to be heard. Comments (0) | Add Comment | Is This Review Helpful?

Instead, she has chosen to embrace the difficult path God has set before her, believing He is beside her every step of the way, teaching her of His love for her and being her strength when Tammy’s own strength fails.

PURPOSE OUT OF PAINAt times God has wrapped His arms around her, she says, through the hug of a kind stranger, or He has spoken hope to her broken heart through the words of family and friends.“My plan changed in a moment’s time and I never saw it coming,” she admits.“But as hard as it is to say some days, I know God’s plan has never changed for my life.” A NEW PATHThough the pain of losing her husband may take a lifetime to heal, Tammy has not let the tragedy destroy her.From the get-go You introduces the disc with an ambitious straight-ahead pop program, while Shine features a laidback guitar syncopating beneath Trents radiant, Nelly Furtado-like vocal, creatively exploring our ability to bear witness even amidst trial.In the records most effective statement, Edge of the Water delivers Trents personal testimony of terrifying tragedy and subsequent surrender with the transparent lyric: When I stood on the edge of the water/With fading hope there would be a tomorrow/You held me safe in your hands/Reminding me I would walk again.You may not instantly recognize Tammy Trents name, but you have probably heard her music.

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