Teen dating violence causes whos kat von d dating

Violence should occur when, unknowingly moments happen, especially with teenagers.Here we are describing some how facts about teen dating violence statistics.Research studies have shown that teenagers are at high risk of being subjected to dating violence as they are getting introduced to dating and intimacy (Giordano, & Mulford, 2008).

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If the other partner is not responsive to these requirements he/she can be abused.

Poverty is another major cause of teenage dating violence.

It also gives the impact of teenage dating violence to their life and the community and legislative response to it Definition Teen dating violence is defined as range of abusive or threatening behavior perpetrated by either of the two partners against the other with an intention of gaining control or power (The National Center for Victims of Crime, 2010).

Dating violence can be verbal, which may include shouting or calling bad names to the partner, his or her relatives or friends.

Cheating in a teenage relation ship is a major cause of dating violence (Malik, Sorenson, & Aneshensel, 1997).

This is because at this age, boys and girls are introducing themselves to intimacy.

Causes of teenage dating violence Teenage dating violence is associated with several causes; top on the list is unequal role distribution (Jackson, 1999).

In any marriage or relationship where there is unequal distribution of responsibility, there is a high probability of violence. This is because the partner who plays much of the responsibilities like financial support tends to be possessive, oppressive and expects unnecessary recognition.

Sexual violence is another form of teenage dating violence and it can result from unwanted touching, kissing or any other forced sexual activities.

Lastly is the physical violence, which involves any physical harassment such as slapping and/or punching.

Many a times, it involves so many promises which end up not fulfilled (Kerman, & Powers, 2006).

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