The dating dictionary

The rules are complicated and difficult to use, except in very simple cases.

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It is advisable not to leave only two letters of the word at the end of a line and not to carry over only two letters to the beginning of the next line.

Try to divide so that there are minimum three letters before or after the hyphen.

Division of words at the end of a line makes the text more difficult to read, and the divided words may look strange and may even cause wrong associations.

Besides, it is very difficult to syllabify English words correctly.

If you need to divide a word at the end of a line, it should be done according to the rules of syllabification (also called syllabication), that is, division of words into syllables.

It is best of all to use syllabification indicated in a good dictionary.Never divide words so that only one letter stands at the end or beginning of a line.Examples of two-syllable words that should not be broken: about, along, away, abridged, elect, enough, snowy, hairy, weary.Additionally, apply the rules and recommendations described below. Try not to divide more than two or three words on one page.Do not divide abbreviations, acronyms, e-mail addresses and URL addresses, telephone numbers, and large numbers written in figures.Although there are clear advantages to retaining published articles from discontinued journals, there […] Read More...

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