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Tivo complains of being out of guide data after 14 days (while live guide DOES show plenty of data). You can fix it by: rebooting the unit (date updates on reboot) or force a guide reset through channel list.

Specifying the "handcraft" environment variable as true using to accomplish this, but IIRC, the later boot stages don't honor this, summarily crash, and cause a reboot.

Exercise caution when modifying the boot scripts else you'll need to pull the drive.

-fg = saw this in tivoapp binary, not sure what it does -fg-gc = I assumed garbage collection -fg-until No More = saw this in tivoapp binary, not sure what it does Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! To boot without Tv Launcher, you just need to interrupt the boot process before Stage F.

Easiest way to do that would be to modifying /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit (remove "F_Application Launch \ G_Post Application" near the end of the script).

Your existing season passes will have no upcoming episodes.

Also, any new recordings for previously existing recordings will go into a duplicate folder next to the old one.

Like mine, there seems to be a small minority of Tivo HD owners out there with units that have problems with guide getting refreshed.

Tivo dials in and downloads OK every day, but Guide to date doesn't update on System information screen.

I have been using this process to keep guide & tivo going.

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