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Rational creatures, who are placed in a state of moral discipline and probation, have a cognition of their end, and are obliged to move towards it voluntarily, not under the law of a necessary determination, but by a free choice and use of the means placed within their reach. For among all the particular objects which surround and solicit them, all of which have some good in them which gives them a desirable appearance, they may choose those which will not help them toward their true end and chief good, but will turn them away from it. so to speak, a de- railing on the track between the station of departure and the station of arrival.

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In the case of man, the union of an immortal spirit with an animal and mortal body makes the exercise of dominion by rea- son and free-will a very arduous task.

It would seem to be a sufficient reason accounting for any general prevalence of sin assumed to exist among rational creatures in a state of probation, that the path of virtue is rough and up-hill, while the way of sin is appar- ently smooth and down-hill.

Whence comes the evil that is in the world, and especially moral evil?

[Apr., the physical, intellectual, and moral order. There is no doubt that sin, error, ignorance, and misery have prevailed extensively, always and everywhere.

The soul is an immediate creation of God, and as such can have nothing in it but good.

The organic structure of the body, its qualities, powers, passions, are all good in their order, which is physical and not moral.

The principles of sensitive and vegetative life which it contains, and by virtue of which it is fitted to be the form and vital force of the body, are a part of its essence.

As a rational principle it con- tains virtually all the elements of truth, an inclination toward ra- tional good, and the power of free will which gives it dominion over its acts.

It is the duty of free-will, enlight- ened by reason, whose practical judgments are what we call the dictates of conscience, to reduce them to order, to exercise disci- pline over them, and to direct them rightly toward the purpose of life.

When they are inordinate they are vicious propensities.

Many have been driven to the conclusion that there is, and under various forms the doctrine affirming the existence of an evil principle, intrinsi- cally and essentially opposite to the essential good of being, is found in divers systems of philosophy and theology. For being and good are identical, and their opposite is pure nothing.

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