Uiprogressview not updating the dating game tv show set

After the download is complete, progress view should be replaced by the actual image.

uiprogressview not updating-12

The cell that used to be at row zero gets reused in row 12 when you scroll.

So, the cell object that was used to initiate the download is not in the same place.

I'm assuming you have some way of converting You should be aware, though, that this solution won't suffice if you have more downloads than visible cells -- you should also be storing the progress of each download somewhere in your data source so that if the table view DOES need to reload a cell (due to a scroll), it knows how to set the progress indicator.

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When I NSLog the cell address, I get a different one each time. Also, when I only have one image downloading, how is it that a different progres view is being updated.

How can I "make sure that I am putting the progress bar on the cell that's there, not the one that used to be there". – ganime Nov 30 '12 at 1 When you reuse cells, that's what you're doing.

In my view Will Appear I use Reachability to check that there is an internet connection.

Then, if there is, the following line is called 10 times in a function.

As the delegate's did Receive Data method is called, a notification is posted to my table view controller to update the corresponding table row with reload Rows At Index Paths method of table view.

My cell For Row At Index Path does the following for the reloaded row: Progress Table View Cell *cell = (Progress Table View Cell*)[table View dequeue Reusable Cell With Identifier:@"Progress Cell"]; float received = [[download Info object For Key:@"received Bytes"] float Value]; float total = [[download Info object For Key:@"total File Size"] float Value]; NSNumber* percentage= [NSNumber number With Float:received/total]; NSMutable Dictionary* user Info = [[NSMutable Dictionary alloc] init]; NSLog(@"percentage %f", percentage.float Value); [user Info set Object:cell for Key:@"cell"]; [user Info set Object:percentage for Key:@"percentage"]; [self perform Selector On Main Thread:@selector(update Progress View:) with Object:user Info wait Until Done: NO]; NSLog(@"received: %@", [download Info object For Key:@"received Bytes"]); NSLog(@"Progress: %f", cell.progress View.progress); return cell; I am updating the progress view on the main thread and I have even tried setting wait Until Done to YES but to no avail. Occasionally when I am debugging I can see some change in the progress indicator which makes me think it might be a timing problem. EDIT: Here is NSURLConnection delegate's did Receive Data method: Recommend:iphone - UIProgress View not updated I have a UIProgress View that I am trying to change the progress but is is never updated.

But I did try your suggestion today and it seems to work.

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