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I appreciate you coming for the second signing date. I should ask you guys what you think about these two signing dates.

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Erick Hallett from Cy-Fair High School right outside of Houston, Texas, so from that area, again, , our new defensive coordinator, was really in on that recruit.

When we hired Randy, I guess, a month ago -- been here a month, Coach? I said, hey, we still are looking for a great corner if you've got one in your area, and bang, Erick was the first guy we were on.

Just a guy that we didn't think was going to sign until February, so we weren't really going crazy in December with recruiting him, and then all of a sudden at the last minute we hear that he's possibly going to sign with somebody in December, and we're like whoa, whoa, whoa, so we slowed the process down, got back in there at the last second, really put a halt to the marriage.

We were at the front doors of the church, and we locked the church doors up and said, no, there's no wedding here today.

So that was even more what we were able to do in January is really get more people in there because you didn't have to spread yourself so thin. And then we took two more big athletes that I don't think you can ever go wrong taking big, athletic guys, and we took two of those.

So when you look at needs and what we got signed here, we got, I think, a tremendous tailback we'll talk about in a second. We wanted a tailback, but we weren't just going to take any tailback. I don't see him in here, so Coach Powell would have his guys up there that he wanted, and the one we signed obviously was a guy -- Mychale was a guy that we wanted bad, and we didn't think we were going to get him. With that, I guess I'll go ahead and hit down on these guys.Our hit ratio when they step on this campus and see what we have to offer, and Chris, you've probably got a tally already, what's the stat? I don't know if I've been around better, which tells you the product here, the people at the University of Pittsburgh are strong. Someone has got to work their area, and then we actually get the position coach involved in that area as well as a coordinator and then obviously the head coach gets to go in and see that individual one time when he's on the road recruiting.I've always said this: It's our job as coaches to get them on campus, and once they're here, the university sells itself. One thing I wanted to hit on today that maybe I didn't hit the last time was really the team recruiting we do. So we're really area, and then really get our entire team in there on a prospect.PAT NARDUZZI: Well thanks for coming out in the beautiful weather today.Spring ball is right around the corner, as you guys know.And again, Coach Salem was obviously the lead recruiter on Kaymar in New Jersey because he dominates that area. Hey, how well do they catch the ball; they might look good, run well, but they can't catch; then they'd probably stay at defensive end. So we're going to spread those big athletes out and give us a chance to get the best players on the field. Did the possibility of those guys being able to do that change your approach in January as far as recruiting tight ends? We just wanted to get the best big athletes we could, and that's what we've arrived at. With Mychale, when you talk about him filling a need for you guys, did you look him more as you wanted someone that good to fill that need?

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