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And as for his supposed girlfriend, he has never mentioned this woman in any interview.

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The real-time observation of participants' gaze data provides quick and actionable insights.

Whether the eye tracking study is conducted in a lab, shopping mall, manufacturing facility, home, or sports field, you will achieve accurate and reliable results in human behavior research.

She says she doesn't know him, then she says she has worked with him."I never claimed to have worked with him. You're the one who keeps posting over and over again.

You are the author of all the "He's straight and he has a girlfriend! Get real, everyone with a functioning gaydar knows that he is gay.

Because no one cared, he started posting in opposition to himself, thus giving himself a chance to respond. R70 obviously you cared since you bumped up a dead thread.

I don't think he's that attractive and don't watch Pushing Daisies but this thread reeks of homophobic IMDB/TWOP fangurl trolls one of which is probably you.

The marathon poster trying so hard to convince everyone Lee Pace is gay is too pathetic.

I've met Lee a number of times, as well as his girlfriend. I'm not sure why OP just doesn't switch his "affections" over to somebody he can really work himself into a lather over, like Wentworth Miller.

NEWSFLASH, they don't."I hate to break this to you, but there really are people who know celebrities (or semi-celebrities, in Lee's case)R55 its one person posting over and over again.

She says she doesn't know him, then she says she has worked with him.

Sweetie learn not to wipe back to front you are attracting flies down there.

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